Daddy Owen Opens Up About His Depression And Why He Still Wears His Wedding Ring

Leaving in denial and finally letting go

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 07:38 AM  | Relationships

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When news broke that Daddy Owen and his wife had separated, many wished it not to be true. The gospel star had been married to his wife and mother of two Farida for 5 years. 
It is alleged that, Farida left her matrimonial home on the first week of December 2020 and has not returned since then.
Daddy Owen spoke exclusively to Mpasho, admitting that indeed he has been healing from depression since 2019. 
When asked why he still wears his ring, the singer said;
‘My ring is a covenant with God. When you come together in the church, it is a covenant you are making with God, if the other person breaks the covenant, the most important aspect of it all is God,’
Owen who will be celebrating his 40th birthday this week, said he was afraid of admitting he had an issue. 
“Those I tried to explain to my problems thought I was mad others told me to be a man but in the long run, I had to dig up the problem and face it.”
The gospel crooner admitted he knew how much people have been judging him and the criticism but he said he has counsellors who are helping him deal with everything. He also praised his family and close friends who have been by his side. 
“I have to admit that so many things have changed in my life and so many things are yet to change.”
An exclusive call to the family by celebrity gossip site Mpasho, revealed that Daddy Owen was caught off-guard with the news that his wife was engaged to someone else. A family member said;
“For three years now, Daddy Owen has been depressed and it all came to a hilt when he was called by a family member who works in a posh hotel in Naivasha. The relative told him, he has just seen his wife get engaged to a rich tycoon and he was wondering what’s up? He knew his wife was away on a business trip and had no idea what that relative was talking about. He travelled to Naivasha where he tracked down the couple and found out that the man who engaged his wife is a hotelier in Gilgil.”
His wife Farida has yet to respond to the separation scandal.

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