Crazy Kennar Spends Big On Girlfriend's Birthday

Na wakiachana?

By  | Jul 08, 2021, 01:56 PM  | Relationships

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In case you haven’t been keeping up with Crazy Kennar’s life, don’t worry, because we have!

Yes, Crazy Kennar actually has a whole girlfriend. I know it’s hard to imagine him being serious but when it comes to his bae, he’s one serious man!

And just to show how serious he is, this year he celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday in style! 

Kennar took to Instagram to wish his beautiful bae a happy birthday in a sweet message and netizens can’t keep calm.

As it turns out, his girlfriend is also the manager of his new restaurant, Instant Delicacies which was launched just weeks ago.

Is Crazzy Kennar right for mixing business with pleasure or will he learn the hard way? I guess only time will tell.

Okay, wondering who his girlfriend is? Well, her name is Natalie Asewe and it was initially thought that the two had dated for 12 years. But as it turns out, the years of their friendship and relationship cumulatively add up to 12 years!

We initially also thought that Kennar was dating his fellow comedian, Cartoon Comedian after they appeared with matching kitenges in an event held for content creators.

When asked about their relationship, the two being playful as always gave gibberish comments which further led people to think that they were in fact hiding their relationship.

However, days after this, Kennar’s real girlfriend was uncovered by netizens.

While Kennar doesn’t post much about the two, he is surprisingly featured a lot on Natalie’s Instagram page.

Photos of the two begin in 2020 on the lady’s Instagram feed and then continue up to date. A trusted source, however, told Kelebrity that Ms Natalie was first dating one of Kennar's best friends but when it didn't work, Kennar stepped in and took over. What a dramatic turn of events!

Who is Crazy Kennar really dating?

Natalie Asewe is one gorgeous lady and we can see why Kennar fell for her. 

Now, for all those people who actually thought that Kennar and Cartoon were dating, you all can now put your minds to rest. Crazy Kennar is taken – and happy at that – by one Ms Natalie Asewe!

Also, if you thought Natalie is just a beautiful face, you’re very wrong! According to her bio, Ms Asewe is a financial analyst and entrepreneur. She has her own clothing line, Asewe vogue which dressed Kennar during the Africa digital leadership event hosted by Safaricom in February.

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