Frankie And Corazon Reunite For A Moment

For the sake of the baby.

By  | Jun 09, 2022, 09:17 AM  | Corazan Kwamboka  | Relationships

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Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka joined together, even if for a brief moment since their break up, to celebrate their daughter's half year birthday.

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Both of them shared adorable posts of their cute little baby girl as she turned six months old.

"My baby is 6 months today! How time flies," announced Corazon on her Instagram.

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And Frankie shared a short footage of the beautiul baby girl and he can be heard in the background. "Pretty Girl! 6 months already," he writes.

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Fans of Corazon and Frankie couldn't hold back from all the adorable cuteness served in the baby pics on her birthday:

Corazons genes were expressed dominantly 😍😍

So so cute and adorable... She's your photocopy

Tai and koko are your lookalikes, mmh...sema kukufanana dah!..

Already? She has grown too fast already!!

Valentine's breakup
Last February, ex socialite, Corazon confirmed publically that she has broken up with her then fiance, Frankie Just Gym It. This came only two months after the birth of their daughter.

Corazon made the announcement via her Instagram account, posting a picture of a black rose to symbolize crisis in her love life. She proceeded to accompany the image with a caption noting that she was now single.
The break up came out of nowhere as at the time, the pair seemed on their way to a happy marriage and building a home together having just welcomed their second child together.

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Serial cheater
Accusations started going around that Frankie had cheated on Corazon and that being the reason of the sudden break up. Just as he had done with his previous relationship with Maureen Waititu who also has two children with Frankie.

Getting tired of all the blame and shots being thrown at him, Frankie tried to defend his honour by hinting that Corazon and Maureen were the problems in the relationships.

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Corazon responds
In response to Frankie's sly dig, Corazon took to her Instagram to post a funny video where she seeked to address Frankies "toxic" claims. In the video, Corazon is heard saying or rather lip syncing the words, “I did not open the door, I found the door open…I didn’t touch the door”

It is clear that Corazon was trying to say that she was not responsible for their relationship breaking which can only therefore mean that she was throwing the blame back to Frankie.

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