Corazon And Frankie Split Time With Son For His Birthday

See the adorable daddy-son time at the barber shop.

By  | Aug 03, 2022, 02:01 PM  | Corazan Kwamboka  | Relationships

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Little Tai is officially 2! Both of Tai's parents, who are separated, got to spend some quality alone time with him for his second birthday.

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Today, Corazon Kwamboka celebrated her young child Taiyari Kiarie's second birthday by posting a couple of cute pics of the birthday boy along with an emotional message on Instagram. Corazon captioned her post:

"You are proof or God’s Glory in my life. I love you, 3/8/20 will always be the best day in my life. I gave birth to you, but you’re the source of my rebirth. I love you for a lifetime and 3000 more. Happy birthday Tai Tai @taiyari_kiarie"

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Meanwhile, Frankie had a barber shop date with little Tai yesterday to prepare him for his big day. Frankie posted the adorable video to show Tai's awesome transformation as he got a fresh haircut as he held on to him on his lap the whole time.

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In addition to celebrating Tai with her touching message, Corazon revealed that she is vacationing with her birthday boy down at the coast. "Vacationing with my 2year old boss," she posted. She has also fired off a slew of Instagram stories from their mother-son Diani trip that includes Tai seeing monkey's for the first time.

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Corazon determined to get over Frankie
In July, Corazon had a highly publicized feud with her ex Frankie after he suggested in an interview that she can't keep a man because of her unresolved daddy issues.

According to Frankie, the lack of father figures explains why his two exes Corazon and Maureen Waititu, who each have two children with him, found it hard to accept love that did not have any strings attached. "The women who I've been with the two ladies who I've been with, they didn't have the father figure. Corazon and I have talked about it. She's never had a father figure, her dad wasn't really there full time."

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Corazon called him out on divulging their private pillow talks to the whole world. In a post on her Instagram stories, Corazon noted just how manipulative Frankie was and how he tries to torment her every time she is about to heal from their break up. "Finally I'm doing better. I've healed/healing. I have an amazing man. You decide this is the time to torment me, expose me, for what?!"

Frankie later apologized for his interview comments and sought peace with Corazon.
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