Brenda Wairimu Hinting At A New Man?

He Calls Me Princess

By  | Jun 02, 2021, 01:43 PM  | Brenda Wairimu   | Relationships

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Brenda Wairimu’s new post on Instagram has left many confused on whether she is referring to finding a new man.

On Wednesday, Brenda took to Instagram to gush about how her man refers to her.

Is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Kenyan film industry finally taken? Well, we can only speculate about her finding love.

The gorgeous actress has for a long time been single since her split from ex-boyfriend Juliani after dating for 8 years. They had been in an on and off relationship since Brenda was in university and were at one point engaged. The two have a beautiful daughter, Amor Njeri, who they co-parent amicably.

Men She's Been Linked To

Brenda Wairimu was previously linked to fellow actor, Ephy Saint who is the father to vlogger Chantelle Petit’s baby. 

When news came out of the two, Brenda and Ephy, seeing each other, onlookers on social media were furious. Apparently, Ephy was cheating on Chantelle with Brenda while she was pregnant. To make matters worse, Chantelle had a really difficult pregnancy in which she developed complications during birth.

Brenda was dragged so much on social media that she publicly came out to deny the allegations of her being in a relationship with Ephy. In a radio interview on KISS 100, Brenda put the allegations to rest by saying that she wasn’t dating Ephy but was indeed dating again.

Well despite her saying that she was dating again, Brenda has not been linked with any other man since. And in case she has a man keeping her company late into the night, then she’s really good at hiding him!

However, in another interview, the actress said that she didn’t want to date anytime soon and she’s more interested in being a good mother to her daughter and advance her acting career. In the same interview, Brenda revealed to have made the first move on all the men she has previously dated. So, to all the men out there thinking of making the first move on her, you are clearly not her type!

It seems as though Brenda is one confused damsel. Does she want to date or not? Is she currently dating or not? Well, we are all just as confused as you are.

Whatever it is, we here at Kelebrity support her! But we sure hope she soon finds love!

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