Confirmed! This Is Betty Kyalo's Boyfriend

Can't hide him no more

By  | Jan 20, 2021, 07:13 AM  | Betty Kyallo  | Relationships

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Betty Kyallo has been trying to hide her new man but she's giving more hints to make everyone believe that she got something going on between her and one Temecarlose.

Well after she was allegedly involved with governor Joho, Betty has since moved on to a new guy who kind of resembles the governor. Well, she does have a type.

After weeks and months of showing hinting who she is dating; one of Edgar Obare’s followers managed to unmask the face of the man keeping Betty Kyallo’s bed warm. The reports were not concrete but during a recent gateway they had to Meru, Betty showed more than she would have wanted.

In her posts, she showed his hands and watch, which are very similar to those of Temecarlose. Unlike the guys who like to show off, Betty’s boyfriend  seems like a chilled out guy; which means he is the opposite of Betty.

From his photos we also understand that he has a daughter who not only looks like him; but has also confirmed his genes are what every woman would want for their future kids.

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Just like Betty Kyallo, Teme also runs a Salon business as he owns a popular high end Barber shop. Anyway below are a few photos of the handsome man giving Betty Kyallo sleepless nights.

Betty had previously said she would want to date a divorced guy. Teme has a daughter and it is clear to assume he was once married. This ticks off Betty’s list. 

Betty and Temecarlose have a lot in common. They both are in the same business; they both have daughters and they are both divorced. 

Betty was previously alleged to have dated a married man of Somali origin, who reportedly dumped her and went back to his wife and kids in the United Kingdom.

Check out the man in Betty's heart;
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