Gee's Sweet Message To Stevo


By  | Aug 05, 2022, 12:13 PM  | Relationships

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There are few things more romantic than thoughtful words that express plainly a love for another, especially in our age of hook ups and loveless relationships.

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Gee's, aka Mrs. Simple Boy in waiting, latest post is a mini love letter to Stevo Simple Boy. Celebrating her fiancé, the lass who has been embroiled in dramas with several exes this week shared a heartfelt tribute to the Freshi Barida rapper, affirming her affection for him.

The post also gives a glimpse into their time together so far. "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams❣️ I love you Mr champion @stivo.simpleboy8."

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Stevo liked and commented on the post saying, "Katoto milk maziwa yote nayanyonya mimi," and added a love heart emoji.

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The post is another one of the recent social media messages Gee has shared for her fiancé over the past week since she launched her own Instagram page. In recent posts, Gee celebrated her engagement with photos of them together; one was captioned "Family", and another one "Favourite".

Another post expressed what she sees in Stevo: "Mwanaume sio hela ila ni kujitahidi, bidii na heshima...mimi nakuombea Sana kipenzi mungu akufungilie njia na akuzidishie pale unapo pungukiwa."

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All Mrs. Simple Boy's men
Ever since Stevo's viral proposal to Gee, three men have come out of the woods to claim that they are either currently or were in the past in relationships with her.

On Saturday [July 30], Rapdon caused online scenes when he claimed that Stevo's new fiancé, Gee, is his girl and that the Freshi Barida rapper stole her from him. Rapdon even showed receipts of himself and the now Mrs. Simple Boy hanging out and looking intimate in some past TikTok videos.

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Another man by the name of Vincent Mboya came out to claim that he and Mrs. Simple Boy, aka Gee, had a two night romp in Mombasa last Deccember. And just like Rapdon, he also showed the receipts.
Vincent who's an online content creator can be heard in the above video posted on his Instagram stories referring to Gee as "my baby boo, my baby girl". Unlike Rapdon, Vincent is not claiming to be dating or to have dated Gee. He says that their encounter was brief and only sexually transactional.

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"Lemme come clean, me and STIVO SIMPLE BOY girlfriend we met last year DEC while I was in Mombasa. We had a two night stand. No strings attached so I have never dated her."

Another budding musician called Watatesa claimed that he was in a relationship with Gee up to a week before her engagement to Stevo. He says that they had only taken a break and had not officially broken up. Watatesa says he and Gee met on TikTok in March and started dating in May, until he was shocked by the viral video of Stevo's proposal.
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