Ben Pol's 4 Reasons For Dumping Anerlisa

Reasons Ben Pol Dumped Anerlisa Muigai

By  | Aug 05, 2021, 07:43 AM  | Relationships

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Ben Pol has become more open about the failure of his relationship with Anerlisa Muigai. The two got married in April last year but would end up divorcing earlier this year.

Anerlisa has mostly kept the reasons for the failure to herself issuing some passive-aggressive statements along the way.

The Tanzanian singer for his part seems to want to air out all the dirty laundry that affected them and their short-lived marriage and added another reason why they broke up.

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Speaking to Diamond's Wasafi Media Ben conveyed more information on what had caused their relationship to end so quickly.

He said that it was down to fate, "There's a higher power that made everything that went the way it did. I might have used a lot of strength to do something but if God didn't intend, it won't work. God, had his plan."

How is his state of mind? The "Moyo Mashine" singer said that he is in a zen place at the moment.

"I am at peace. It is impossible to be happy all the time and sadness is also very important, you have to feel it. When I'm sad, I want to feel the feeling so that I don't feeling it later," he shared.

He however stated that he had wanted to have a family and kids saying that that was the purpose of marriage for him. "If you get married, then you must have thought of wanting kids."

He also went further to deny claims that his marriage had ended because they didn't have any kids. In a past interview he gave out last month, Ben was more pointed in his criticism of Anerlisa and the reasons they
went their separate ways.
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He said that Anerlisa would get proud of when she was sent for direct messages by men on social media.

''Men who sent her DM's made her feel Proud but again, it is not the reason we parted.''

During the interview with 'Simulizi Na Sauti', the musician also blamed insecurities as a cause for the break-up.

''When reports emerged on social media, last year that we had split, things were bad. We were not on talking terms. Things were bad from her side that Anerlisa sent him documents from lawyers asking for separation.''

He also clarified that he received a separation letter sent to him asking him not to speak about his marriage.

''I think it was driven by a lot of insecurities and fear. People do so much when it comes to protecting their image brand. I think she felt that I know so much about her and that I would one day blast her.''

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