‘’Just Be Good In Bed.’’ – Bahati Reveals Secret Behind Successful Marriage

He's never been happier

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Bahati and wife Diana Marua have constantly been the subject of  a couple that is pretty much not evenly matched with people arguing that Bahati should find someone fit for him given the fact that Diana is a bit more mature than he is.

The couple has had so much of such comments that they have sort of become immune to it all. Singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua continue to have a good relationship which has left fans wondering what the secret behind their happy married life is.

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The couple have been together for 5 years and continue to act just like newlyweds every time they are seen in public. In a recent interview with comedian MC Jessy, the couple opened up about their life together; and judging from their chemistry, we might as well conclude that they are a match made in heaven.

Despite being together for so long we have not heard of any rumors of either cheating or assault ; and for some reason we now understand why Diana Marua sticks to her husband like glue!

Apparently, Bahati has no eyes for other woman thanks to the good sex he receives and gives to his wife, Diana Marua. He revealed this while responding to MC Jessy’s question on how the two have managed to keep their marriage afloat. 

 ‘’Just being good in bed!’' He replied
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Well ladies and gentlemen there you have it, you either up your game or die single! The Bahatis have been together for over 5 years and are living their best life at the moment. 

Photo Credit: Youth Village Kenya
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