Bahati Threatened by Diana?

He’s shook

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 06:01 PM  | Bahati   | Relationships

Bahati and Diana
Bahati is scared at what his wife Diana is doing on the social media streets. The star has even gone as far as to ask his wife to take it easy.

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Diana recently revealed that she has reached a milestone of 500,000 subscribers on Youtube. The star has been on the platform since 2019, meaning that she has been able to achieve this magnificent feat in 3 years.

Bahati on the other hand has been on the platform since 2013 and has only managed a little over 800,000 subscribers. So it’s understandable to see why the star would be a little bit jealous of his wife today. He even told her to “come slow” in her pursuit of fame.

Diana though took Bahati's comments to be light-hearted and praised her man for being her support system.

Diana's Instagram success

That wasn’t the only good news from Diana as she also celebrated her Instagram page reaching 1.9 million followers. Accompanying her announcement post Diana thanked her fans for helping her get to where she was, and also highlighted the fact that she was looking forward to reaching two million followers on the platform. 

This time her husband was more supportive. Bahati took the time to congratulate his wife and let fans know that Diana is a global brand, as she had amassed such a large following. Maybe Bahati was a bit more congratulatory on this as he already has 3 million followers on his page.

However, at the rate at which Diana is growing her presence on social media, it seems as if it’s only a matter of time before she catches up to her hubby. All we can do is hope that the singer can accept the defeat in a graceful way. At the moment though he still has the upper hand and still supports his wife.

Diana's popularity

Diana’s popular Youtube page has been a great source of entertainment for her fans over the years. The star often shares content that keeps people glued to their screens as she appears to be open and honest with what she chooses to show people. 

Diana recently had her fans talking after she shared a video of Heaven (her daughter) in one of her wigs. In the video, you can hear her telling Heaven how to pose and all that.

You can then hear Heaven saying that is enough. As much as a huge number of her followers loved the video, there were those who went all crazy on Diana telling her anasumbua mtoto because as you can see, the hair seems to be almost longer (taller) than her, lol. And the fact that Heaven said enough hehhh, she gave her mom’s followers reason to think that she was not enjoying it.

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