Bahati's Baby Mama Yvette Shows Off Her New Man

Mr. Tall and handsome

By  | Feb 21, 2021, 06:16 AM  | Bahati   | Relationships

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After her akward encounter with Diana, who was boasting about her valentine's plans to mama mueni, Yvette has finally decided to show she is over Bahati and is on the way to getting married.

Mama Mueni Bahati, Yvette Obura has finally confirmed that she is taken, but not ready to show off her man to the public. She is keeping things under wraps. 

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Ms Obura showed up with a man she introduced to Massawe Japanni as her new man.

The mother of one disclosed'

"Umeweza kumpost kwa mitandao ya Kijamii?" asked Massawe.

She replied; 

"Hatawahi, hata wewe tu ndio umemuona, so ficha hapo, cheza chini… Anafanya tu vitu zingine, lakini hapendi social media, lakini for now wacha tucheze chini kidogo.”
Away from her relationship, Yvette went on to reveal why she doesn’t like being called Bahati’s Baby Mama.

“It’s not a good feeling and I think the best way to put it is ‘the mother of Bahati’s child’ and not Baby Mama. For me when I hear the word baby mama, it comes out with someone who is dramatic…I have my own name but anyway nilishazoea, I can’t change that,” 

explained Yvette Obura.

Asked about her realtionship with Diana now, she sadi;

“We do talk... but before that we never used to talk. But now that Mueni is always visiting her Dad, we have to talk. Juu lazima nimdrop na pia yeye akimrudisha, so we have to talk.”

On break up with Bahati, Yvette said 

Nothing bad really happened... I think we just fell out of love, after giving Birth. I was the first one to give up on the love…sipendi limelight so niliona tu siwezi…. currently we are co-parenting and it’s amazing. Bahati is married, I’m seeing somebody else, so tunatoa wapi drama. We are all mature, and we have to agree but it also takes God."

In May 2017, Bahati took to social media to introduce his two year old daughter, Mueni Bahati. The news came as a surprise to many as in 2015, Bahati denied allegations that he had dumped a woman who was carrying his child. 

Ms Obura also mentioned that before Bahati opened Mueni’s Instagram page, he reached out to her as she agreed to the suggestion.

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