Bahati Exposes Diana's Passport Shower After Blackout

Nothing stops slaying.

By  | Nov 24, 2022, 07:05 PM  | Bahati   | Relationships

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KPLC are determined to make this cold season even colder with their increasingly frequent national blackouts. As usual, when the rains come, their power goes- and it's no different for celebs who suffer the same fate as the rest of us.

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One person who wasn't waiting around for KPLC to come through for her is Diana Marua. The influencer who was scheduled to shoot a vlog with her hubby Diana took a beloved Kenyan short cut when it comes to cleaning up- the passport shower.

But there was no telling as she looked snatched in her all-black outfit and make up, ready for her shoot. That's until her hubby Bahati outed her. In a video selfie previewing their upcoming vlog, Bahati spilled the beans that Diana had only taken a passport shower, which for those who don't know involves only wiping the nether parts of your body with a wet clothe.

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An embarrassed Diana did her best to deny Bahati's claim, even roping in her obliging house help for support, but the cat was already out of the bag.

"Lakini.... Shida Yako @BahatiKenya huwa gani??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Huku kwetu hatuna stima, kunanyesha, kuna baridi, kuoga ndio kitu Baha Hatambui 🙈"
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Jalang'o denies dating Diana
Diana Marua had gotten the whole industry shook. After trending almost all of last week for a confessional video where she admitted to dating multiple men for money, old pictures started to resurface of her with several different men.

Among the famous people spotlighted included footballer Victor Wanyama, whom Diana previously denied ever dating. And another one was comedian-turned-politician Jalang'o.

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Many people concluded from the pic that Jalas was on of Diana's sponyos. Even podcaster Andrew Kibe speculated that Jalang'o and his infamous boys club must have enjoyed Diana to the fullest during her ho phase.

But now, the newly-elected Langata MP has come out to give his own version of events to explain that photo and his past relationship with Diana. Speaking to Eve Mungai on her YouTube channel, Jalas denied ever dating Diana and blasted gossip site Ghafla specifically for starting and spreading the false dating rumours.

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"That photo must have been taken more than 10 to 15 years ago... at Jamia Mall. Diana had come in to buy clothes. And she was already a superstar by then. And she requested for a photo- we took a photo with her, and when I saw Ghafla write and put my photo with very funny captions- it's very sad."

Jalang'o went on to defend Diana and that viral video, saying that it was taken out of context.

"I really feel sorry for Diana, and what was posted between me and her. I've never dated Diana. Diana has been my friend for the longest time."
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