Bahati Cheating Scandal: "Mapenzi Ikae Kando Kwanza"

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By  | Nov 30, 2020, 11:23 AM  | Bahati   | Relationships

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Bahati's and Diana's marriage seems to be headed to Splitsylvania. The two have been in the middle of a dramatic cheating scandal over the weekend. And it may break up their home.

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The scandal broke out on Saturday, November 28th when Diana deleted all of Bahati’s pictures from her Instagram and changed her name from Diana Bahati to Miss Dee.

It is alleged that Bahati cheated on Diana with a lady who was introduced to him by Weezdom’s wife Staicey. By the way, Weezdom and his wife Staicey have also deleted most of their pictures together and have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Weezdom later posted a picture of Diana and Bahati making praying that no man or woman should separate them.

But Bahati seems to have already put the weekend drama behind him, and is back in business mode. Since the scandal broke out, he has already met with ex-musician and now Member of Parliament Charles Njagua aka Jaguar. In the post he uses Jaguar's famous 'Vigeugeu' lyrics to imply that certain people are holding him back in his road to success. "Nikijaribu Juu Chini ili Nivuke Border; Wananigeukia."

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On the same day, Bahati also hooked up with his boy and fellow Gospel artiste, DK Kwenye beat. He posted a picture of them together stating that "no man is perfect."

Perhaps DK would be the best man to empathize with Bahati at this moment as he knows perfectly well what it is like to be in the middle of a storm. Last year DK was accused of infecting a fan with a sexually transmitted disease. DK was forced to take some time away from the Gospel industry after that scandal.

And just yesterday (November 29), Bahati was on his Instagram doing a promo opportunity for on of his sponsors. On the post, he promises to give away a free tablet phone to a fan. Attentive Gospel fans will note that Bahati's business post was coming on the Christian Sabbath day. One fan noted, "Na Diana pia anafanya hii biashara...mmeamua mapenzi ikae kando kwanza."

One thing seems for sure, Diana and Bahati are soon going to be in the past. There's no word yet on what would happen to their reality show together. Will they each start their own shows? Or will they kiss and make up, and perhaps narrate the whole drama in the next episode? Who knows.

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