'Diamond Does Not Approve My Songs' - Avril

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By  | Aug 03, 2022, 02:49 PM  | Avril  | Relationships

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Singer Avril was this past weekend asked whether she was close with Diamond Platnumz.  In an interview that was done by content creator Madubi on Tuesday, August 2, the singer addressed rumors that she sent Diamond her songs before they came out.

"Is it true that kabla ngoma yako itoke unamtumia anaicheck?" Madubi asked to which Avril instantly replied by revealing that it was not so.

"Hapana. No. You see. Fake news. Hatuna relationship kama hio, mimi na Diamond. Yes nimemtumia ngoma flani nikitaka kupata maoni yake ama nikitaka kumhusisha msanii kutoka WCB," she opened up.

She assured that she never kept that kind of relationship where she had to pass her songs through Diamond Platnumz before releasing them.

There is more than meets the eye if you were around when Avril was used as a video vixen in the song 'Kesho' that was done by Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz.the singer was asked whether she dated Diamond Platnumz.

"Ulikuwa na nafasi ya kum date Diamond Platnumz lakini ni kama uli turn hio offer chini," Madubi posed a question to which Avri started shaking her head in disagreement.

"No. Nakanusha madai yoyote ambayo yako huko nje," she stated. Avril said," I have never had the opportunity to date Diamond."

The 'Chokoza' hitmaker made it clear that she was only friends with Diamond Platnumz and that nothing had ever happened between them.

"Diamond is my friend. Amekuwa rafiki yangu for a very long time," Avril confirmed. She also dispelled rumors that she was in constant communication with the singer.

"Hatuwasiliani naye kila mara. No. Lakini nikimpigia simu, akinipigia simu. Akihitaji usaidizi au nihitaji usaidizi, kuna venye tuna huo uhusiano," she continued.

Madubi then asked another question that had Avril also disagreeing with the information that was being provided.

The singer also talked about how her songs, especially the ones she recorded when she was new to the industry, reminded her of different stages in her life.

"I think urahisi wa industry kitambo. Compared to now, I feel like there's so much more, na sisemi ndio maana watu wana slack off lakini kuna so much more that you need to do in the industry and not just for music," she responded.

The 'Nikimuona' star insisted that right now as an artist, any kind of artist, one needed to do more in order to achieve what they set out to do. She said that compared to when she was starting out, right now the industry demands more from the artist.

Avril also addressed her rumored beef with Naiboi correcting that the issue had been handled and that the rapper was not quiet because of it.

"Ametoa nyimbo nyingi sana Naiboi and I fell like ukienda kwenye YouTube kuna so much content for you to watch as compared to mziki pekee yake. So Naiboi hajanyamaza, amekuwa na mziki wake, amekuwa akifanya tours kwenye jukwaa za U.S, so he's been working very hard,: Avril divulged.

The singer concluded by stating that she had been an actress, a singer, and an entrepreneur but could not pick one out of the three to fully focus on. She noted that she was there for the ride and that whatever path she takes she will be pleased with it.

The singer had been quiet for some time but recently released a collaboration with Kenyan sensation Brandy Maina.

The 'Danger' song came out 3 months ago and has an Amapiono twist to it. It currently has over seventy thousand views.
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