Avril Spoils Bae With Sleek New Ride

It's love overload

By  | Jun 12, 2020, 06:37 AM  | Avril  | Relationships

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The last time we saw Avril in the blogs, she was asking her fans and followers to live their lives how they want to and stop holding celebrities in very high regard expecting them to live exemplary lives on a pedestal as role models.

The singer who grew up in the spotlight had clearly had enough of being judged for her actions and how she held herself in the public eye thus passing on that information for all those around her that cared to hear and understand her point of view.

Well, now that the point was made, she is happily enjoying her life without expecting criticism for her actions. In a society that looks at women as gold diggers, Avril has come out to rubbish that status quo by buying her baby daddy, J Blessing a new sleek ride.

Photo Credit: Nairobi News

The pair has been head over heels in love with each other for a while now and the latest news coming our way is that the singer-cum-actress has gifted the father to her son a sleek maroon Range Rover that he has been cruising around lately.

From the look of things, the music video director is enjoying his new gift and is showing it off around town. Well, a close source privy to the couple´s affairs told Nairobi News that the British luxury SUV actually belongs to Avril, courtesy of her homecoming concert which was a star studded event that brought together all the music big guns and garnered her a lot of support and cash.

For the men out there that are tired of being the 'funders' , call them 'blessers', get yourself a woman like Avril to spoil you.

Photo Credit: Daily Active
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