Amber Ray Dating Again

Why the secrecy?

By  | Sep 30, 2021, 01:02 AM  | Relationships

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Amber Ray just revealed that she is on the precipice of another relationship and we cannot keep calm

Amber took to her Instagram stories to reveal some gifts that she had been getting from a person that she wanted to remain anonymous. What’s suspicious wasn’t the fact that got gifts from an anonymous person, however. It was the kind of gifts that she got, and what she had to say about them.

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Amber received a flower arrangement and one of the more expensive perfumes in her mail, and she wouldn’t wait to show her people. The flower arrangement was in a heart-shaped box with Amber’s initial neatly tucked into it and a Delina Parfums De Marly which is estimated at a cool KES 40,000!

So her secret admirer is going big!

She commented on the gifts saying if the person that was doing all that for her did not stop she just might do some R-rated things to the… spicy! Amber continued to thank the person saying “You know who you are, thank you”.

It certainly comes as a surprise that Amber is once again falling into another romantic partnership (if she is) especially seeing that she had confirmed during one of her numerous ask me anything sessions that she was single and she was not searching either. She seemed to be doing well focusing on her grind but now things are turning around and fast for her.

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Amber was previously linked to wealthy businessman Jamal. She was his second wife after Amira, a standing that put her in a lot of hot soup for a lot of Kenyans that did not support the union. Amber was constantly terrorized for ruining a happy home, but she did not care for the haters, even calling herself ‘President of the Second Wives’ and opening a YouTube account narrating the events that led to her marriage.

This all soon came to a head though.

Amber and Amira got into a huge brawl in their Syokimau complex, leading to Amber being forced to move out and into a high rise condo rumoured to be in Kilimani or Lavington. Her breakup with Jamal followed soon after.

However, our gossip senses are picking up a different theory.

The two were rumoured to be meeting in private and though they both say otherwise, there were allegations that they were still on. A few days after their breakup announcement, they were caught by one of Edgar Obare’s watchdogs at a hotel at the coast. Interesting.

Amber has never been one to shy away from showing the people that love her –could it be that Jamal is behind her lavish gifts? Jamal was known to spend big money on Amber every single time so this wouldn’t be a surprise.

Nonetheless, Amber has been doing her own thing of late, focusing on her business and being a good mother to her son not to mention her slogan ‘Life of for the living’. And by the looks of things, she may probably be about to land a third husband!
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