Amber Ray Celebrates Her Baby Daddy

Kamba babe gets some freedom

By  | Dec 08, 2021, 05:30 AM  | Relationships

Amber Ray
Popular socialite and proud mother, Amber Ray has taken time to celebrate her baby daddy for being there when needed. 

Amber Ray is well known to many as a single parent. She has a son called Gavin who she loves and often posts on her social media for fans to see. She is a proud mother, but even mothers need a break sometimes.

The star recently took to her Instagram Stories to announce that she had finally gotten her well-earned break from parental duties thanks to her baby daddy. 

Even though Gavin’s father is not known by fans, as neither Amber nor Gavin posts him on their social accounts, the star has gone on record before saying that they co-parent their son.

The star posted a video of herself dancing and enjoying her free time, she captioned the video with a backhanded compliment aimed at her baby daddy and deadbeat fathers in general.

She noted that it was her baby daddy’s turn to take care of their son and thus she has some free time on her hands. 

It seems the party has truly begun for the star as she posted two more videos of herself dancing in her kitchen. In the videos, the star is holding a glass of wine, dressed in nothing but an open robe and her undies, and moving to some music as she supervises her food which is on the stove.

In her previous stories the Kamba babe, as she often refers to herself, had gone to school to pick up her son. It seems Gavin’s school is closed for the holidays and the proud mother was there to make sure he got home safe.

The two (Amber and Gavin) are very close, as they often joke around with each other on their videos. This time was no different as Gavin who was excited to see his mother, joked that he wanted to drive.

Amber quickly brushed off the notion by letting her son know that he was too young to drive and they would get arrested if they got caught.

Will Amber be missing her pride and joy soon, or do you think she will use her freedom to the fullest? 

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