Edgar Obare Reveals Amber Ray’s New Bae

Kamba Babe amepatikana tena

By  | May 10, 2022, 06:51 AM  | Amber Ray   | Relationships

Amber Ray and Edgar Obare
Popular social media personality Edgar Obare (Tea Master) and his fans known as the students have finally revealed who Amber Ray’s new bae is, this comes a few weeks after she broke up with her most recent boyfriend who goes by Kabba.

When it comes to social media investigations, no one knows that work better than the Tea Master and his fans. And true to living up to their reputation they’ve uncovered yet another secret Amber Ray relationship. We say another because it was Edgar and his students who found out that Amber was dating her current ex Kabba. 

Enough about Kabba, let’s talk about the new bae. The lucky gent is known as Kennedy Rapudo. The pair were first spotted together by the BNN students when the Madaraka Day long weekend came around, even though the students shared circumstantial evidence they gave a compelling argument that the two were indeed together at the time thanks to photos that placed them at the same place at the same time.

Screenshot of the students uncovering Amber's new man for the first time.

The students then caught the two a couple of more times with circumstantial evidence before Ambe Ray’s best friend, who is also her manager, Ashah Lurv accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

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Ashah did this by sharing pictures from a night out with Amber Ray and Kennedy. Even though the two were not photographed together, the fact that Kennedy was already meeting the Kamba Babe’s friends seems to indicate that they are pretty serious with each other.

Screenshot of students catching Kennedy and Amber hanging out together.

A timely occurrence

Finding new love has come at the perfect time for Amber. As earlier mentioned, the star recently broke up with Kabba and he has not been staying quiet about what he really thinks about Amber as a person.

The athlete recently used his Instagram stories to send what appears to be a subliminal message to Amber Ray. It all started when he decided to give some dating advice to his followers, saying: 

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but you cannot turn a h*e into a housewife."


What happened next, though, piqued our interest even more. This comes after he claimed that he, like Mandela, is a free man and that he is grateful to God that the 'Juju' did not stay on him for long.


Amber's supporters rushed to her timeline to report what was said about her, but she just replied with laughing emojis.

Amber responded to a fan who said she converted the basketballer into a motivational speaker by adding that he pretended to be a gangster but was robbed in Nairobi. She recently posted something that appeared to be addressed at Kabba, saying,

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but I really hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have."

The online feud between the two ex-lovers simply goes to show that Kabba hasn't moved on yet. And it's evident that Amber already has. Do you believe it's possible that Amber casts a spell on the men she dates?

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