Amber Ray Pens Emotional Message To Unborn Baby


By  | Mar 14, 2023, 12:57 PM  | Amber Ray   | Relationships

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Amber Ray has come out with a brand new baby bump shoot, and this time her belly is well and truly showing. Earlier this month, Amber was accused of faking the pregnancy after she appeared to have a flat belly.

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Days ago, the socialite excited netizens after erecting a billboard announcing her gender reveal party. And now, she has penned an emotional message to her unborn baby.

Taking to Instagram, Amber wrote:

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"Is there life after birth my love, I may not be able to answer in words you understand right now, but it is a reminder that as human beings we have forgotten our intuitional powers to communicate with the world around us.

I know you know this, but I want to put it here as a reminder for me.
There is life after the one you have now! In this new life, there will be more light than you have there, you will eat with your mouth and walk with your legs, you will learn to cry and you will learn to laugh.

Your emotions will create your thoughts and your heart will show you the way. As I feel you in me today, may you feel me in you all your life 🤗"
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Gender reveal wars: Amber vs Vera
Days after having her gender reveal party trending on social media, and her perceived rival doing the same, Vera Sidika has finally talked about what fans feel is a competition between her and Amber Ray.

Responding to one of her fans on her Instagram Vera said she is not in competition with anyone, she is just busy being herself and doing her thing. If anyone feels threatened, then that is on them.

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Socialite Amber Ray excited netizens after erecting a billboard announcing her gender reveal party. The socialite's publicized party came days after Vera Sidika shared photos and videos from her classy gender reveal. Netizens have argued that Amber was trying to compete with Vera.

For some time now there have been rumors of a cold feud between socialite Amber Ray and her counterpart Vera Sidika. The feud was allegedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was Romantically involved with Amber a few years ago. When Vera and Brown Mauzo started dating, she was accused of snatching Amber's man from her.

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In a previous Q&A session on her Insta stories, Vera had rubbished claims that she was a husband-snatcher saying that Ray and Brown were never in any kind of romantic relationship and that it was purely business. 

On the other hand Amber refuted being enemies with Vera saying they have never been friends in the first place. Despite the two socialite frequent claims that they have no bad blood towards each other, it's clear like the sky that indeed there is some cold beef happening between them. 
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