Ali Kiba's Kenyan Wife Calls It Quits On Their Marriage

She has decided to file for a divorce

By  | Feb 18, 2022, 09:16 AM  | Ali Kiba  | Relationships

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Famous and well acclimated Tanzanian musician and star Ali Kiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef are calling it quits after being married for close to three years now. 

The news which has come as a shock to many of his fans, has of course baffled netizens even more when it was reported that Amina is also demanding for a whopping Kes 200 000 monthly upkeep for her and their two children. 

According to Amina, Kiba has been neglecting his role as a father and a husband in their marriage and it is for these reasons that she chose to file for a divorce. 

But that’s not all, she also claimed that she has been allegedly facing a lot of backlash and verbal abuse from her in-laws which has led her to believe that she may not be wanted in their family after all. 

According to papers presented by the court, their relationship has been on the rocks for quite some time now, as Amina had initially filed the suit against as early as January 8th last year. 

Other than being an absentee father in the home, the Kenyan beauty also decried that there had been issues of infidelity that Kiba refused to address or even correct for the time that they have been together. 

And seeing that nothing she was doing was helping to salvage their marriage, Amina’s only option was to file for a divorce. 

Seeing that the case has actually been in court for quite some time now, it was also quite shocking to learn that Kiba is yet to respond or even show up in court to answer to the charges that have been filed against him. 

This can only mean that should Kiba fail to show up for his hearing upon the time presented by the court, Amina will be legally obliged to proceed with the case and the ruling be made in his absence. 

At the moment, the bongo flava star has been given 15 days to respond to the allegations that have been made against him before further action is taken. And while it is not yet clear how this whole drama will end, it is crystal clear that Amina will not be backing down anytime soon. 

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