Akothee Not Eating After Her Mzungu Left

"Life is difficult."

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 05:53 PM  | Akothee  | Relationships

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Akothee has been left distraught after her mzungu boyfriend 'Omosh' flew out of the country.

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The duo have been attached at the hip ever since the beginning of their relationship last July. Omosh has been residing in Kenya for the last few months, and this is the first time they will be separated in over six months.

Akothee took to her Facebook page last night to lament the loneliness she's going through without her boo. And it is quite serious because she has even lost her appetite to eat or even be around other people- including family.

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"Guys marriage works. Omosh left yesterday afternoon and I feel like he left last month , I didn't want to eat alone ,so I went and had dinner with my sister & her family who lives next to me , today I only ate lunch because my mother was visiting,  now I have no passion to cook because I can't eat alone. Can't go to my sister its raining and I am lazy & tired. My chef is on leave and my hubby not here , life is difficult."

Luckily for her, Omosh has decided to cut his trip short and come back over one week ahead of his originally scheduled return. "I made a mistake to tell Omosh I can't eat alone. Now he has booked his flight, instead of two weeks, he will come back in 5 days. Eeee mapenziiiii. Nani atakuja kukaa na mimi Hadi Omosh arudi."

Mapenzi wewe!

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How she learnt to love again
You only have to scroll through the 40-year-old singer's social media feed to see that she is head over heels for her new bae. But how did it happen? After all, Akothee was quite clear after her break up with Nelly Oaks that she was not looking to get into another relationship.

Well, she revealed how it all happened unexpectedly and how love found her in a hopeless place. Her storybook romance with her new bae is like something out of a Elizabeth Gilbert novel.

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"I was just chilling on my holidays after a long episode of fighting depression, I wasn't looking for a relationship,I gave myself 2 to 3 years before thinking of having someone in my life ,then Boom 🙄, Found myself on the next photo,, before I know it , it's on the next photo . I am equally still in shock .I have been pinching myself if it's true🤦 , for the past 3 months,I thought it was a joke ,eeeh it's getting serious guys . Just thinking loud 🤦 someone tell me it's true

22. July 2022"
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One thing could stop her dream wedding
As she prepares for a wedding and her happy ever after, Akothee has one major worry. Her father may not get to walk her down the aisle.

Akothee went on her Instagram to share that her mzungu bae prefers an overseas wedding, but that may mean that her father may not attend because he does not fly on airplanes.

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"It's hard small," she wrote, before asking her fans to help her with the conundrum with suggestions, "Give me ideas my head is breaking, he prefers outside the country, but I want all my relatives to witness.🙏"
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