After Makena, Michelle Ntalami Reveals She’s Attracted To Men

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By  | Jan 27, 2022, 11:08 AM  | Relationships

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami
Marini Naturals CEO, Michelle Ntalami has announced that she is attracted to men. This announcement follows her recent breakup with Makena Njeri.

The beautiful businesswoman was holding a question and answer session with her followers on her Instagram page when one fan asked a question about her sexual orientation.

Michelle took the question in stride and revealed that she is “androsexual”. She revealed that this is someone who is attracted to men or people with masculine energy.

When she was asked whether she would date men, the star responded with a resounding yes. There we go people you can go ahead and shoot your shots now that one of the hottest CEOs in Nairobi has revealed her sexual preference. 

Michelle is just coming off of a messy breakup with her long-term partner, Makena Njeri. Michelle broadcast their breakup on social media when she exposed Makena for allegedly cheating on her with two people. 

Some fans asked Michelle how she was doing after everything that transpired between her and Makena. She noted that she is still healing from the incident and noted that healing was a journey.

Upon being asked how she is doing especially after realising that Makena had moved on with someone else, she noted that she did not even realise that her ex-lover had moved on to a new relationship.

Is this Makena's new bae?

Makena added that she does not feel bad as the choice to get into another relationship belongs to Makena. Even though she hid the name of the person Makena is rumored to have moved on with she noted that she is happy for them.

When exposing Makena, Michelle alleged that Makena was cheating on her with two other women; a “public figure” and a medical professional. Suspicions started to arise about who the “public figure” was when following Michelle’s open letters a “public figure” by the name of Karen Kaz Lucas took to Instagram to mock the Marini Natural CEO. Kaz took to Instagram to post her own open letter.

Screenshot of Kaz and Makena mocking Michelle.

Kaz’s letter only had one part. What fuelled the rumors that she was dating Makena further was the fact that she commented on the post.  


Weeks later the two were flaunting their love for each other all over Instagram. Kaz recently took to Instagram to shower her “pumpkin” with love. She posted a photo of Makena and accompanied it with a heartfelt caption.

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