Photos of Jemutai's Beautiful Children

The babies Hamo is running away from

By  | May 01, 2021, 01:27 PM 

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Churchill Show comedian Prof Hamo has been put on the spot after it emerged that he does not support his baby mama, Stella Bunei Koitie alias Jemutai.
The news sent waves through Kenya's social media scene with many of his fans turning to former fans because he was accused of not providing any money towards his children's upkeep even when he was in the high of his career earning millions of shillings.

Jemutai has been an incredible mother to her children sticking it out with them no matter how badly she says Hamo has been to them. here, we have compiled pictures of the adorable little children!

the accusations have definitely sent his approval rating to the pits. say what you must but the mother to your children should irk anyone when you're swimming in cash, even if you're married.
Jemutai took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she was changing her mind now, and was going to keep the Facebook account.
She said;
"Hi good people i have received a lot of calls from you guys wanting to know if its true. yes it is.
it was a desperate move, i really wanted to pay my bills, as a mother i would do anything for my kids.
those of you who felt offended ati wanauzwa poleni sana. i have received a lot of phone calls from the people i know and the people i fdont know personally.
thank you so much for your encouragements.
subscribe to my youtube channel, i will do a video about this.
And those who wanted to sedn me anything my phone number is 0708814820"
his only response thus far, a picture on Instagram.
Even then, her babies look so chubby, happy, and well-loved and she seems like a mother who indeed would sell her 850,000-follower account just to put food on her little babies' tummies.
Fans have taken to the prof's account to force him to take up responsibilities to his children while he is still just posting photos and videos.

Wee instead ya kulea watoto UNALEA tu nywele na ndevu🙄🙄😭🤔
@official_jelimo Familia yako iko bedsitter, hakuna chai,hakuna ata sufuria, TV.hawajai ona ....Acha upuzi nkt....ati good morning fam🙄🙄
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@thisgirl_lilian Wtf you acting like nothing is happening bruh,fix yourself maze
@switklyn We are no longer your family, kwanza lisha watoto wacha kutuangusha, na vile umeishi kuwa my favourite comedian😏😏😏
@allanmush1What good morning na mbegu yako hawana maziwa na blue band kama watoto wa responsible fathers😢😢

Do you think they look like the Prof

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