Meet The Mzungu Couple Making Waves

What you don't know about the Kings!

By  | Jun 19, 2021, 02:17 AM 

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Be honest, there's a reason almost every single muzungu that comes here loves it so much, it's because we're hospitable, we're kind, and we love visitors!
But we love muzungus coming here because they always frankly, very entertaining! Many of them seem to have crazy amounts of confidence and they love to have fun too! whats not to love about that ... everybody knows how much Kenyans love to be amused.

Well, sometimes, tourists come here not just to spend racks on their destination holidays, sometimes they show up here because they are willing to learn and embrace all of our 42 cultures, and bring in much more than their dollars!

Here, we'll tell you a great example of such a couple, the Kings!
The two have gone viral on TikTok with over 170k views lip-synching to Mejjas recent hit 'Tabia Za Wakenya' and doing it with such flawlessness, many people fell in love with them instantly!

So, here's 5 things about the Kings you probably did not know about but are about to learn!

They Are African

Though the couple is white and seem to have an American accent, they both are in fact South African and originate from Africa!
The two are some of the indigenous whites that hail from there, but they haven't lived there for that long anyway, since they started traveling very early in their marriage which brings us to... 

They started luxury traveling in their early 20s

The two have always been curious cats and began traveling for a living when they had just started seriously dating years back. According to candy, they moved out and moved to Asia with nothing more than KES 200,000 and though their parents were very apprehensive about this, everything turned to well. 

They travel for work

Their jobs are literally traveling!
But it's not as simple as that, they have things like classes that teach people how to do the same and they also partner up with luxury hotels to inspire other people to visit, so essentially the two are simply walking talking advertisements which is very very cool!

They have written books

As we've said, they also make money through teaching others how to live the life they live now and they seem to be doing pretty well at it.
Some of the books that they've written include 'The Ultimate Hotel Collab Scerets' and 'Doug The Litter Bug' which Candy has written in Lao too!  

They will be living in Kenya for 3 Months

The two will be around for 3 months and are in the process of learning Kiswahili, which is apparently more different than they have ever heard!

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