Makena Njeri's Daktari Reacts To Michelle Ntalami

Kumbe daktari anaweza jamu?

By  | May 06, 2022, 10:47 AM 

Makena Njeri and They Call Me Daktari

Makena Njeri’s alleged girlfriend, Dr. Claire Kinuthia (who also goes by the name of They Call Me Daktari)  has seemingly responded to Michelle Ntalami’s recent Instagram story. 

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The post in question saw Michelle post a not-so-subtle message which seemed directed at her love rival, the Marini Naturals CEO shared a story with her followers whereby she revealed that she was done dirty by someone once, and she considered the bad things that were happening to them to be karma. 

What Michelle could be referring to is the fact that she once let the whole world know that Makena had been cheating on her. She noted that Makena was cheating with both a public figure and a medical practitioner. 

A few months after their breakup Makena started dating Dr. Kinuthia leading to many believing that she was the medical practitioner Michelle was talking about. Well, the doctor and Makena went on to have a relationship that they had for the most part tried very hard to keep a secret (I mean they never became social media official).

Now that Makena and the doctor are allegedly dating, they has been sited with Michelle on a number of occasions.

Hanging out with an ex is not really an issue, the issue is that following their first meetup after their breakup, we conducted a poll to see what people were thinking about their highly publicised reunion with her ex.

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Our question was what their lovers should do now that they are back to being friends, our choices were as follows:


  • Run for the hills 
  • Love them regardless
  • Start preparing for drama

Well, Dr. Kinuthia has finally responded to all this mess going on around her life. The doctor took to her Instagram story to finally give Michelle a piece of her mind. She shared a text post noting, “you'll be surprised how many people know you just from someone hating on you.”

According to the doctor, she is still surprised by the fact that so many people know her these days just from the hate she receives. She certainly has a good point as ever since she started dating Makena she has come from being a little-known doctor to now a doctor and a content creator with a bit of clout on Kenya’s interwebs. 

Another big question in all this drama is whether or not the doctor and Makena are still together. If Makena's recent post is anything to go by then the pair might not be a thing anymore. 

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