Huddah Reveals Her Kanyau Is Tight Ka Kifuniko Ya Gas


By  | Mar 03, 2022, 03:47 PM 

Huddah Monroe
Ever sultry socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that he p*$%y is as tight as the bolt on a gas regulator.
Huddah noted this on her Instagram stories. She shared a text post whereby she revealed that she had tried out some product that rejuvenated her lady parts. She noted that the product also got her aroused. She further noted that she would be releasing the product for the public to also have an experience like hers.

She went on to praise the product further noting that she couldn’t even put her own finger in the cookie (if you know, you know) and that her boyfriend was having the night of his life. Just how true all this is, only her supposed boyfriend would know.

The problem, however, is that no one knows who her boyfriend is. She recently gave us a sneak peek at what her ideal Kenyan man is. We caught Huddah slipping as she admitted that Kenyan men are hot. This is all thanks to her latest crush.

Huddah took to her Instagram Stories to thirst over a Kenyan model who goes by the name Dillard Okray. Dillard is a Kenyan based in the United States of America if his Instagram is anything to go by. 

The Boss Chick, as she often refers to herself admitted that she might have been wrong about how attractive Kenyan men are as she posted Dillard’s photo noting that his skin was what got her going.

This revelation by Huddah comes as a shock as she has often pointed out that Kenyan men are not her type. The popular socialite who spends most of her time residing in Dubai once noted that she prefers Dubai men as according to her they are all f****ble!

Huddah made this revelation a while back in a series of her Instagram stories she thanks  God for self-respect otherwise she would be having one-night stands with them all.
 ‘Almost every guy in Dubai is F****ble! If I didn’t have self-respect I’d one nightstand them all’‘

’Gotta Thank God for self-respect coz it would be new dick every day.’’ Read her status in bits.

At the time, Huddah insinuated that she is single after posting a sleeping emoji saying that she is peaceful knowing no one is cheating on her. Do you think her latest post is her way of trying to get back in the dating game?
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