Worst Dressed? Thee Pluto Responds To Fashion Critics

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By  | Jan 31, 2023, 03:03 PM  | Fashion

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Loyalty show host Thee Pluto has finally responded to fashion critic TikToker Diman Mkare.

Diman Mkare is a fashion enthusiast and has become popular for his hilariously trolling popular celebs' outfits, Thee Pluto happened to be one of his victims.

Diman criticized Baba Zoey for wearing his mules with socks, according to him, he should have worn the shoes without socks.

"Hizi viatu hazivaliwi na socks, 2023 nisione mtu amevaa ivo tena." The fashion enthusiast wrote.

Thee Pluto came across the post, and on his Instagram stories he jokingly wrote, "Diman usijali, mimi nitavaa hadi na leggings na sitambui."

From fraud cases to women pimping businesses, Pluto has recently come under fire, and his continued success has drawn a lot of attention. 

The critics come days after he announced that he was willing to sell his YouTube channel. The content creator stated that he would be willing to part ways with his now famous Youtube channel for a whopping Ksh 43 million.

The content creator has continued to rise, and together with her girlfriend Fel, the couple launched a new business. The announcement of the new beauty products came days after Felicity launched her new show 'What's in your closet.'

 Just like the name suggests, the show is all about her visiting celebrities and having a look at their closets, understanding their sense of style and fashion, and having a good time while at it.

Pluto has announced the upcoming launch of a new beauty line. The company, Fel's Beauty, will deal with women's beauty products. He demonstrated some of the products and explained their benefits.

Felicity promoted her business by saying:"Fel’s beauty … “the royal elegance” launching 4 products anytime from now. Whitening lotion, hair growth cream, beauty serum, and anti-acne cleanser congratulations 🎉❤️"

Milly Wa Jesus was among the first people who congratulated her on her new business, and her fans have encouraged her to pursue her passion, especially now that she has a baby.

Their beauty product line will be the tip of the iceberg of all the blessings they received last year, as Fel also celebrated 200k Instagram followers just weeks after welcoming her baby Zoey.

"My first experience was not easy, the nurses helped, you know I did a Cs and the milk did not come immediately, with! alafu sema uchungu. I was forced to breastfeed the baby. Nothing was coming out. Nurses were telling me I had to breastfeed ndo milk ikuwe stimulated." She narrated.

Last year, Thee Pluto emerged as the most viewed content creator after Pastor Ezekiel on YouTube in Kenya. This was also the year in which Thee Pluto purchased an expensive car and gave Shiru a car as a push gift, which got Kenyans talking. 

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