Tanasha Donna's Hairstyles Will Leave You Drooling

Rihanna kando!

By  | Dec 09, 2020, 11:14 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Fashion

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Our favourite girl Tanasha is no doubt beautiful and stylish. The singer shows off her style in her music videos and on her day-to-day life.

The mother of one and Diamond’s ex-girlfriend is the envy of many. From being light skin, to downing the best outfits and her different hairstyles that give other ladies hair goal.

Tanasha’s sense of style is very edgy. In her music videos she appears elegant, sporty, fierce and dope.

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In one of her hit featuring Masauti dubbed 'Liar', her friend and ‘co-wife’ Hamisa Mobetto styled her for the video. 

There have been many speculations raised on social media regarding their close relationship. With many netizens believing that their 'friendship' is a facade and they are just putting up a show for fans, others think that they're truly good friends and have no beef between each other whatsoever. Their bond, however, has been growing from the business perspective and not baby mamas' perspective.

"Hamisa, the one thing I really admire about her is the fact that she is a hardworking person, she is someone who knows a lot about fashion. Mostly we talk about business; we work as businesswomen, you know, because we believe it will help our markets in our own way. Like every step you see me make, I'm thinking towards business, how will we benefit each other, how will we support one another, and I feel like that's where women need to start heading today. Let's put hatred behind, and let's not hold grudges over the wrong things. So yeah, as women, let's support each other and stop competing against one another. Let's help each other move it to the next level, " 

Said Tanasha. 

She and Mobetto are good friends when it comes to business endevours and helping each other grow in the industry, but we are yet to be convinced of the same when it comes to their relationship as Diamond's co-baby mamas

The artist who has had three different managers in her short career has kept one thing constant and that is her sense of style and especially her hair.

Aside from her maturity to stay friends with her fellow baby mama, she is also one of the best stylish musicians of East Africa. 

Categorically she is also beating all of Diamond’s baby mamas when it comes to her hair and style. 

This lady is making waves as the Rihanna of Kenya. She has mad skills when it comes to business, great style, beauty of the angels and can rock any hairstyle with no flaws.

Check out her different hair styles;

Dreaded Tanasha
Short baby hair Donna
Grey made fabulous
White braids, yes please!
Red heads are so cool
Boss lady vibes
Blondes have the best fun
Short hair girls rock!
Doll love!
The love assassin

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