Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup


By  | Jun 10, 2021, 10:31 AM  | Fashion

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In this day and age, ladies and sometimes men put on makeup to enhance their look by either trying to look a certain way or trying to look younger. When I say men, you are probably wondering, how? Male news anchors put on a touch of makeup here and there to enhance their looks on Television. Many women worldwide would go to any extent to get the right and perfect makeup, oh and by the way, makeup is VERY EXPENSIVE! For those who did not know. From time to time, women step out looking as beautiful as ever, thanks to makeup. We are not saying they do not look beautiful without it.

Both locally and internationally, celebrities rarely step out without wearing makeup. In Kenya, female celebrities rarely post photos of themselves without makeup, while others don’t feel shy. On their social media posts, they normally are dolled up all the time. Some even use filters so much that they look totally different when you meet them in the streets. 

With or without makeup, we are all beautiful. Some celebrities stepped out makeup-free; some are shocking, then some are err….okay. 

Avril is a singer, songwriter, and mother of one. Throughout the years, she has released many songs that took over the airwaves from time to time. Her beauty and her vocals are to die for! There is no doubt, especially with her club bangers. The singer has been blessed with not only beauty but also her curves. Avril once opened up about battling acne. However, she is never too shy to post pics of her bare face, and boy, isn’t she pretty! With or without makeup. Here is her fresh face with no makeup on. 

Queen of Tiktok Azziad Nasenya gained fame after her video of her dancing to Femi One’s Utawezana challenge emerged online. Since then, the twenty-year-old has been landing gigs from brands to brands. Not only is she young and beautiful, but she is also a good dancer and an actress. Here is a photo of Aziiad rocking a makeup-free face. She is still as pretty!

Betty Kyallo owns a salon and a spa. That doesn’t mean she is not allowed to walk out make up free. Once in a while, the former news anchor flaunts her bare face, and she still got it! With or without makeup, she looks almost the same if you ask me!

Janet Mbugua looks perfectly perfect with no makeup or little makeup. The former news anchor is also a businesswoman.

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