Otile Brown Spotted With A Cross Shoulder Gucci Bag Worth 120K

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By  | Nov 23, 2022, 02:51 PM  | Otile Brown  | Fashion

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Singer Otile Brown has been spotted with a very expensive Gucci cross-shoulder bag.

Otile is known for his expensive and exquisite taste when it comes to his fashion sense, he has been spotted with some of the sleekiest fashion brands, from Gucci to Kanye west famous Balenciaga croc boots that cost over 80k.

Otile was again spotted with a Gucci belt worth over 40k. The belt resembles Vera Sidika's only one that his belt has a smaller buckle. Vera said that her belt cost her 200k. This is why they were good for each other as they both love exquisite items.

Yesterday, Otile posted a photo of his cross-shoulder Gucci bag during one of his project shoots with Instagram model Kabianga. A quick check on the online Gucci stores the bags is currently selling at $1100 which is equivalent to at least 120,000 Kenyan shillings.

Otile lives a private and scandalous life and rarely does his business except work-related is ever revealed to the world.

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Did Otile Brown Just Buy A 200K Belt Like Vera?
Fresh from his performance in Baharain, Otile Brown went to do some shopping, and let me tell you something Maina, he spent a good one.

The star took to his Instagram to reveal that he went on a shopping spree while in the above-mentioned foreign country. Otile shared footage from the shopping spree which showed him walking out of a store with a few bags.

The singer might have made some good money from his performance in the country as he went on to flaunt one of his expensive purchases in his follow-up video. In the video, Otile was listening to some rap music and rapping along to the lyrics when he lifted his shirt to reveal that he was wearing a Gucci belt.

The belt is certainly expensive as a quick search of the product online shows that it costs anywhere upwards of Kes 48,000. What a big money to spend on such a small item. Life, however, is for the living so go ahead and continue living it up Otile. 

His belt reminded us of his ex-girlfriend, Vera Sidika. This is because she has something similar. According to her, however, her belt cost a whopping Kes 200K. She revealed the price of her belt because a fan questioned why such a celebrity would put on a belt twice.

Vera noted that the reason she put on the belt twice was that it cost her a tooth and a nail. She further noted that she would wear it until the end of time. It’s good to know that celebrities also feel a pinch when they spend money frivolously.

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