Nikita Kering Gets Freaky!

She's a tease.

By  | Mar 11, 2023, 12:27 PM  | Fashion

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Nikita Kering just turned 21, and she's doing grown up stuff now.

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The Ex singer is eager to shed her child star image by teasing a more bad girl side to herself. Case in point today: She has posted a 'freaky' new post comparing herself to American sex symbol Doja Cat.

"Get freaky like Doja," she captioned the post which also teased new music- a song called Doja which she has labelled "My fav!"

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Are we about to witness a more naughty side to Nikita Kering soon? Maybe, maybe not. But we're here for it.

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Nikita's transformation over the years
CNN journalist Larry Madowo was recently left in awe of popular Nikita Kering's success over the past years. Larry who was a presenter at NTV had interviewed young Nikita when she was starting. Looking back at how far she has come Larry is so proud of her.

Taking to his socials, Larry Madowo shared a photo posing with Nikita in 2015 and compared it with a photo they took recently, the two have transformed, Larry at the time was hosting the trend show at NTV.

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"Swipe to see the transformation of @nikita_kering from 2015 to 2022. The glow-up is real!" he said.
Chebet Ronoh vs Nikita Kering
Chebet Ronoh is on a mission. The fallen online content star is trying to rebuild her career, and in the process she's going after all the young female stars who took her place.

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First, she blasted Elsa Majimbo and Kate Actress for what stealing her content. And now she's coming for singer Nikita Kering, content creator Shorn Arwa and Sandwich Podcast host Joan Melly.

It started with Nikita Kering whom she accused of having an attitude and trying to kill her career.

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