Michelle Ntalami Reveals Why Her Body Is So Snatched

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By  | Feb 03, 2022, 08:17 AM  | Fashion

Michelle Ntalami
Popular businesswoman, Michelle Ntalami has shared with her fans her secrets to getting her body looking so good.

The Marini Naturals CEO seems to be taking her health and fitness regimen to the next level this year. Michelle is always looking stunning in the photos she shares on her Instagram page. She has now come out to share with fans how she keeps getting finer by the day. 

In true Michelle form, she took to Instagram to share the news. The ever inspirational beauty posted a picture of herself (looking gorgeous as usual) accompanied by an inspirational caption.

In the caption, Michelle noted that her word for the year is “Elevation”. She pointed out that the word was significant to her because she loves moving forwards and upwards because she does not settle for mediocrity.

Michelle then went on to give out her gym secrets noting that, during her strength training at the gym, she does something called “Progressive Overload”. She explained further that this is when someone gradually increases the weight or number of repetitions in their workout routine, to avoid their muscles getting used to the same weight and instead “unlock” new levels within their strength.

She explained that what she does in the gym is,  “exactly the same principle with elevation; forwards and upwards!” 

Michelle is truly a bombshell who serves up body goals on a regular basis. However, that is not all she is about. In fact,   apart from being the CEO of Marini Naturals, she is also a high-profile member of Kenya’s LGBTQ community, made known by her highly publicised relationship and subsequent break up with her ex-lover Makena Njeri.

Many people like her remarkable tale, which she shares through speaking engagements and on social media. Her story is of interest to her fans as they stay tuned on her social channels to be able to learn about her, the inspiring CEO has managed to break the internet several times this year and it’s not all thanks to her provocative photos but also thanks to the captions that accompany them.

You can check out the three times Michelle broke the internet with her photos here. 

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