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The gods of red carpet

By  | Feb 22, 2022, 02:47 PM  | Fashion

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Dressing up for the occasion may be an underrated aspect for some individuals. However, for Kenyan celebrities, it means the world to them. When it comes to elegant cladding, they are never shy of burning holes in their pockets. 

Such dressing not only blows an air of confidence but also exhumes a sense of mental sharpness. Here are a couple of these celebrities in their red carpet looks.

Anita Nderu

The former Capital Fm presenter has never been off the mark in her dressing choice. When she dresses, she does so with a fine-tooth comb. 

In one of her most known dressing outfits, she turned up in a black dress with a slide slit. The dress fitted like a glove in her beautifully curved body. Combined with her natural hair, it was just impossible to fail to notice her.

Topping her outfit was pair of red heels on her feet. It is possible for such a modish style to remain unappreciated. But not for Anita Nderu for in 2017, her fashionable clothing style ensured that she grabbed the Best Dressed Female Media Personality in Africa Award at an event organized by Abryanz Style & Fashion.  

Catherine Kamau

Being known for her role in Citizen TVs’ Mother-in-law is just not enough for the award-winning actress. One has to put their thinking cap on if they need to match her dress code.

Popularly known to her fans as ‘Celina’ or ‘Kate Actress’, her most famous red-carpet look was captured during the Miss Kenya Plus World event in July, two years ago. She turned up clad in a red mermaid dress that gave her a stunning physique.

Added to the gold details in the dress, she was definitely not playing around with her appearance.

Betty Kyalo

It is impossible to mention a deep sense of fashion without mentioning Betty Kyalo. Hate her or love her, she knows the meaning of dressing to kill. 

The former KTN and K24 news anchor may be excelling in her ‘Flair by Betty’ saloon and ‘Aftershave by Flair’ barbershop, but so is she in her dressing. 

She stole the show at the JW Show’s annual fashion show organized at the Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka. At the show, she showed up in a beautiful off-shoulder white gown. The gown had a beautifully cut slide slit that showed little flesh whenever she turned.

The black heels on her feet matched perfectly with the dress. In her social media accounts, she couldn’t help but post the photo with a caption befitting it ‘Feeling like a million bucks tonight. It took a whole village to get this look.'

Jacky Vike

Popularly by her stage name as Awinja, she has the right taste of fashion. She takes on Instagram to showcase her elegance. Born and raised in Eastleigh Estate in Nairobi, the lass makes the best choices when choosing her dressing.

At an event organized by Equity, she went all in her dress code. She adorned her feminine figure with a blue velvet straight dress. It would be an incomplete attire without the slide-slits and the brown heels on her feet.

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