Jacky Vike Breaks Internet with Latest Bikini Photos

Who knew Awinja had it like this

By  | Apr 11, 2022, 11:19 AM  | Fashion

Jacky Vike
Popular actress Jacky Vike has broken the internet by sharing photos of herself in a bikini and let me tell you something Maina, she is looking absolutely gorgeous.  

The actress, who became famous following her debut on the popular comedy show Papa Shirandula back in 2009, is not one to flaunt her body on social media like other celebrities. So, when she took to her Instagram page to share images of herself in a bikini we couldn’t believe our eyes.

The star was clad in a blue two-piece bikini and she looked to be enjoying her time on the sandy beaches in one of Kenya’s coastal cities. In her caption, Jacky posed a question to her fans (in a bid to rile them up) as she asked them how life in Nairobi was? 

Well, fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on both the photos and the accompanying caption. Most of the comments were positive as fans and celebrities alike gave their thoughts in no time letting the actor know that she was looking absolutely beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more.

Murugi Munyi (previously known as Yummy Mummy) was another celebrity to flaunt her beach figure recently, as she flaunted her new physique following her highly publicized liposuction procedure.

Yummy Mummy made the big revelation on her Instagram Stories, noting that even though her body was still recovering following the surgery, she was happy with the results she was experiencing.

The content creator, who appears to be more self-assured, released many videos of herself wearing a green two-piece bikini. She looked extremely lovely, and the surgery was a success, in our opinion. What are your thoughts?

She mentioned her surgery experience in a few of her images, stating that liposuction was the greatest option for her. She expressed her delight with the outcome, stating that she no longer has to suck in her tummy in thanks to liposuction.

Yummy Mummy was flaunting her new physique at the time. She was on vacation in Lamu, Kenya's seaside city, and we're sure she couldn't wait to flaunt her stunning new bikini body to the locals, as well as her Instagram fans, with some well-taken accidentally-on-purpose images.

We are glad to see she is doing well. Who out of the two do you think has the better bikini body? 

Main Image Credit Instagram
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