Tone Deaf! Huddah Flaunts Balenciaga Slippers

Brand was caught up in child exploitation controversy.

By  | Mar 03, 2023, 03:22 PM  | Huddah Monroe  | Fashion

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After spending most of 2023 in Dubai and fueling rumours of a secret wedding, Huddah Monroe has jetted back into the country.

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But it is not her grand comeback that is the talk of town, rather her ignorant flaunting of scandalous fashion brand Balenciaga.

The socialite-entrepreneur took to her Instagram Story to show off a pair of slippers gifted to her by her mysterious new lover, writing, "I love them my King."

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Balenciaga caused major outrage over a divisive ad campaign in late 2022, that openly sexualized little children.

The high-end French brand was forced to apologize and pull down the ads which showed children dressed in BDSM costumes, as well as one shoot featuring a hidden Easter egg seemingly advocating the legalisation of pedophilia.

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Major celebrities like Kim Kardashian who previously endorsed Balenciaga were forced to come out and condemn the brand. Even here in Kenya, influencer and rapper Diana Marua was caused a furor after being seen in a Balenciaga top.

Diana caused a storm when she appeared in one of her vlogs wearing a Balenciaga shirt. Fans of the influencer were left angry and disappointed at her choice of dress in light of Balenciaga's very serious child sexualization controversy.

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Diana is addressed the controversy by claiming that she was not aware of the Balenciaga controversy before wearing the top. In a vlog, while wearing a Gucci shirt this time, her husband Bahati brought up the issue by asking her to research before wearing fashion labels that are scandalous.

Rather than apologize, Diana feigned ignorance by saying that she was busy breastfeeding when the Balenciaga scandal broke out, therefore she missed it. Bahati then stopped her on her tracks when she seemed like she wanted to continue playing victim.

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Huddah off the streets?
Huddah recently left some very cryptic posts on her Instagram that hint at her new future as a loyal housewife. First, it was a post thanking her "husband" in advance, then another one that hinted at a pregnancy and talks about raising "my baby" in a two parent household.
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Then came the bombshell. A picture of a man on his knees as he appeared to propose to a glowing Huddah.
Excited fans couldn't hold their joy: "Finally can we start shouting congratulations ama we wait kiasi😍😍," wrote one fan, while another one said, "Ndo uzaee sasa😂". A third fan commented, "Where does this leave Juma Jux?"
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