Huddah Buys Queen's Pearl Necklace

Lanes, guys...lanes!

By  | Jun 15, 2021, 11:34 AM  | Huddah Monroe  | Fashion

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Huddah Monroe is making boss moves!

While the rest of us are complaining about the economy and how life has become expensive, Kenya’s boss chick is proving that she’s living the life!

The socialite turned entrepreneur took to her Instagram stories to reveal how much her jewellery is actually worth.

“I don’t have kids yet but when I buy jewellery, I buy what my daughter will inherit. Expensive is for a lifetime,” wrote Huddah.

According to Huddah, her pearl necklaces are worth more than you might think!

The socialite likened her new pearl necklaces to Queen Elizabeth’s pearls saying that she got inspiration from her.

So how much are the pearls really worth? We are not sure if the pearls are as expensive as Huddah claims they are but they look really good on her! Also, we’re choosing to trust Huddah’s word and accept that the necklace is worth a fortune.

Even so, it is worth noting that a similar necklace to that of Huddah which has been won by both Princess Diana and Duchess Kate is valued at £25,000, which is approximately 3.2 Million Kenyan shillings.

Who Huddah Monroe is dating 

Still, on her Instagram stories, the socialite revealed the kind of men she likes to date.

According to Huddah, she admitted that she has dated men from all races. However, she says that she has now realized that Asian men are not for her.

Huddah continued to say that her experience with Nigerian men wasn’t the best, claiming that they were the most stressful men she’s ever dated.

“A Nigerian is a headache! Not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young ok. Life’s about choices. Also not my cup of tea,” said the socialite.

She, however, revealed that her experience with black French-speaking men was the best because they treat women like queens. 

So does that mean that the man she is currently dating and living with in Dubai is a black French man? Well, we can only but speculate since she rarely posts the men she dates online.

Huddah also revealed that she has never dated a man who required her to split bills with her after a fan asked her how she splits bills with her partners. She, however, stated that while she doesn’t split bills with her man, she regularly buys him gifts.

Monroe has also said that she dates very low profile men who are not celebs because they come with less drama.

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