Dennis Karuri And Jony The Hairdresser Dazzle In Red Pre-Valentine's Shoot (Pics)

Are they a couple?

By  | Feb 09, 2023, 10:47 AM  | Dennis Karuri  | Fashion

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Makeup artist Dennis Karuri and hairstylist Jony the Hair dazzled in a stunning red Pre-Valentine's Day shoot.

The two are known for cross-dressing and have always left onlookers questioning their sexuality. Both personalities are also LGBTQ activists.

From photos shared by Jony and Melina Gold, the two hinted that they are a couple while advertising Valentine's Day gifts for Melina.

"Excuse the couple. @_denniskaruri and @jonyhairdesigner coming in with a storm ready for Valentine giving nothing but the pressure." Melina posted. 

Jonathan, on the other hand, dropped hints when he asked Dennis to put an earring on it. Does this mean that they have been an item? 

"Funny gifts for valentines we just can’t help it @_denniskaruri I need a big stone on my finger," Jony said.

Jony is not as popular outside of TikTok and Instagram as Dennis, but he recently had an outburst with gospel minister Size 8 and her friends after allegations that they had refused to be styled by him because he was gay.

Jonny took to social media to expose mama Wambo saying that he was disappointed that a woman of God would discriminate against him. 

"True story loves, the so-called “gospel ladies “apparently canceled on me based on the fact that I’m “gay” from the things I post here.

I’m a believer in Christ and one thing I know, God is just and loving. He has sustained and elevated me all my life, so if anyone doesn’t want to associate themselves with sinners they might as well leave their adulterous partners. 

The real question though, is how do y’all get to judge based on someone’s sexuality? This is an “A class hypocrisy." Said Jonny.

He later posted a follow-up video suggesting that the women of God had suggested they settle the dispute;

"telling me we talk and I should put on a smile will not solve anything? Karma will catch up with you. I have moved on from all these snafus now Let me focus on myself and the positive aura around me. My message though has been delivered." lamented the hairstylist.

Dennis, on the other hand, has been embraced warmly and is well known, he works for well-known brands, from cosmetics to beer brands.

Last year, he was among the chosen influencers who attended the Wakanda premiere launch with Anita Nderu and Natalie Tewa. The makeup artist is very intentional about pushing his brand out there, and many influencers love working with him as well, among them being fashion vlogger Joy Kendi.

His online fans root for him and defend him from online bullies, when Mwamburi emerged into the spotlight claiming to be the sassiest cross-dresser in Kenya, netizens argued that Dennis Karuri is unquestionably sassier.

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