Anerlisa Finally Ditches Her 8-Year-Old Weave

Tough times are over.

By  | Nov 12, 2022, 01:56 PM  | Anerlisa Muigai   | Fashion

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Anerlisa Muigai seems to have bounced back from the financial troubles that had plagued her earlier this year. The Keroche heiress reportedly lost her posh home and Range Rover to auctioneers in May.

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In the midst of all that, she moved back in with her parents and was left wearing a rugged 8-year-old weave which she herself acknowledged. In June, Anerlisa posted on her Instagram stories and eagle-eyed followers noted with concern something she put on her caption about her stylist and the weave she was wearing: "@jaynestylist will kill me for not brushing her weave. Just to mention this weave is 8 years old!"

That last part is what got fans talking, seeing as it wasn't necessary information for her to share. Especially coming during the week when she has reportedly lost all her wealth.

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But now, Anerlisa has put her troubles behind her. First, she saved her Range Rover from an embarrassing auction this past October. And now, she has even gotten rid of her weave which was not only old, but which according to her, made her look old too.

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Thanks to her sister-in-law, Anerlisa is now the proud owner of a fresh new wig that looks absolutely stunning. She went on her Instagram to flaunt her new purchase.

"So you guys remember this wig that I said was making me look older? My siz in law hooked me [up] and said 'b*tch bring your a** and try my wigs so you know you don't look old'," she posted.

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Mwanamke ni madeni
The case of Anerlisa's properties being auctioned off stemmed from a case of debt cat-and-mouse. According to court documents, Anerlisa borrowed money on diverse dates in 2015 from a gentleman by the name Dennis Mwageka and gave two her high-end-cars as security for the loan.

Further, the suit papers indicated that she borrowed the large sums to clear some goods were stuck the port of Mombasa and the company believed that she would not have a problem paying because her reputation was very high.

In the court documents, Mwageka revealed that Anerlisa had resorted to playing a cat and mouse games with him after she gave him cheques totaling Ksh4.4 million on October 30, 2015 which all bounced.

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Mwageka noted that he decided to institute legal proceedings against the Keroche heir when he realized that one of the cars that she had given him as security belonged to her mother.

On her part, Anerlisa, through her lawyers admitted that she borrowed the money to help a man that she was dating at the time by the name Ben Kangangi  - who was in the importation business.

She also protested the high interest rates that was charged on the loan and described it as oppressive, illegal and extortionist.
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