Amber Ray Before Fame, Fortune (Photos)

Star shares photos of herself before the glitz and the glam

By  | Nov 12, 2021, 07:42 PM  | Fashion

Amber Ray
When you think of fame and fortune in Kenya; a few names automatically come to mind, and one of them is Amber Ray.

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The star whose famous slogan is, "life is for the living", and has been quoted on numerous occasions saying that she is a materialistic girl, lives life like there is no tomorrow.

Amber Ray lives a lavish lifestyle, chock-full of expensive cars, phones, houses, parties, and topped off with numerous famous friends. She is always showing her fans her extravagant ways on her social media pages.

Have you ever wondered, however, how she was before the fame? Well, wonder no more as the famous socialite has given fans a glimpse into her past life with a series of Instagram throwback (TBT) photos.

We're used to seeing Amber in designer clothes, inside her expensive car, or in a posh club somewhere having the time of her life. In the recent photos she has posted though, the celeb is looking a little bit less like herself and a lot more like us (the common mwananchi).

The first photo is of her and her son, Gavin; who at the time was a toddler, and the star is in what appears to be leggings and a top (yes, you heard me right).

She is holding her baby, at what appears to be a school event, and they are posing for the camera, but not a sexy pose, a regular smile for the camera and say cheese pose, take your moment to compose yourselves, people, we know you need it. 

In the photo caption, Amber notes that even in her humble days she was still a proud mother to her only son.

In the second photo, Amber, looking thin, is clad in an oversized dress and is standing next to her brother; who is dressed in an oversized suit himself. If making it was a person, Amber would be it.

In the caption, Amber notes that these were hard times for them, and recalled that at the time she was working as a waitress at a popular casino in Nairobi. She went on to note that life is truly a journey and added that she cant wait to see what the future has in store for her and her family. 

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