Fan Notices something Wrong With Azziad’s Face

Reaches out to her out of concern

By  | Jan 18, 2022, 05:33 AM 

A concerned fan noticed that there was something wrong with Azziad’s face on her latest photo.

Azziad recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page. The ever jovial social media influencer was sowing fans her latest hair accessory, a braid wig when one fan noticed something wrong.

The fan took to the comment section to point out that there was something wrong with the star’s face. She noted that she wasn’t being malicious with her question and just wanted to know what was wrong as she was one of Azziad’s biggest fans.

Azziad got wind of the fans comment and took her time to explain exactly what was going on with her face. The star noted that she has allergic reactions from time to time that cause her skin to break out.

She noted that she chose to post the photo regardless of how she looked because she feels that people should normalise respecting each other no matter how they look. What a brave show of maturity by a celebrity in this day and age where they are expected to look perfect all the time.

Azziad noted that people are blessed differently and that is why she chooses to wear her skin in confidence. She thanked the fan for “asking in a good way” and proceeded to pin her comment for all to see.

The star’s interaction with the fan brought a lot more engagement with more fans taking to the comment section to share their own experience with allergies and skin conditions.

Others were there to simply let their favorite social media influencer know that she was still beautiful.

The majority, however, noted that Azziad was showing great maturity with the response to her fan’s question.

This isn’t the first time Azziad has gone against the norm of only posting good times on social media. The star recently had a bad hair day when a mishap at her hairdressers saw her hair fall off.

At the time, a crying Azziad, shared the video of the ordeal on her Instagram stories as she was feeling frustrated at what had just happened. 

However, as time went on she owned the look and is now rocking the short hair do like it was the plan in the first place. She’s received compliments for the hairstyle. 
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