Zuchu Speaks After Diamond's Sister Was Accused of Bewitching Her

Queen Darleen Upset With Juju Claims

By  | Aug 10, 2021, 01:04 PM  | Drama

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Things are not going so well for Diamond's former half-sister, Queen Darleen(Queen Darleen is signed to the same record label as Zuchu).

The singer has had to deal with claims that she had bewitched the best female musician at WCB, Zuchu.

The claims came from her best friend Masha who said that Darleen wanted Zuchu's downfall.

But Zuchu wasn't taking the bait in an interview with Wasafi FM, and decided to distance herself from the claims stating that they are still very good friends.

"Just the other day, she was at my house, we are cool, I beg, leave us alone. You can't believe she was the first person to tell me about the trending news."

She added that Queen Darleen had refused to forgive Masha for spreading the malicious rumours.

"I asked Masha to beg Queen Darleen for forgiveness, she is probably the one who  is a little hard to give the forgiveness and if you have hard feelings against one person, you will get angry over the entire industry."

This is in contrast to what she had written earlier on when the news had gone viral, where she called out fake friends.

"One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt from my journey is that the bigger you grow, the fake people around you become. Fame has a price and in most cases is losing people. People you possibly thought u knew or trusted become strangers in no time Wow. But hey it is called real life."

This won't be the first time that someone from the Platnumz's family has been accused of using witchcraft. In November 2019, Diamond's mother was accused of using witchcraft on the son Tanasha shares with Chibu.

Curious fans had observed that the baby's hand had been decorated with a black bangle, with one fan accusing Diamond's family of embracing old traditions where small kids were protected from enemies by use of special hand bangles.

"You have already introduced this young one to such beliefs yet God is the only answer, you are still living in the old days," the fan wrote at the time.

Diamond's mother didn't try denying the allegation saying that it was their culture to do so.   

"That is our culture. (Ndio zetu watandale)," she replied. She however didn't reveal how the black hand-bangle-like stuff protects the baby.

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