Comedian Zeddy Is In Trouble!

Summoned by DCI

By  | Jul 08, 2020, 07:00 AM  | Zeddy  | Drama

Comedian Zeddy has landed herself in trouble after her continuous social media rants on who the culprits behind the miserable lives of comedians in Kenya are. This was fueled by the death of Churchill comedian Kasse who is said to have succumbed to depression and anxiety perpetuated by the miserable condition of life he was subjected to.

Zeddy who is also a Churchill comedian was so enraged at the death of her colleague and the manner in which he passed so she decided to dig deep into the major ills of the industries by exposing the men at the top that could be responsible for all the suffering and misery of the comedians in the industry. This however, might have landed her into trouble.

According to Zeddy, one Victor Ber is the main reason most comedians have been dying in poverty. She exposed Victor Ber for firing some of the new faces that brought laughter on the show; replacing them with those that obeyed and followed his rules. She also recently singled out J Blessing among others.

With such accusations especially with a dead person involved; many Kenyans joined in to bash the corrupt management running the Churchill show hoping to bring change.

With her stories making rounds on social media and almost all Kenyan blogs; Zeddy stunned social media as everyone took to her pages to share in all the drama. However little did she know that the posts would lead to her being summoned by the DCI for apparently cyber bullying and computer misuse.

Through her Instagram page the mother of 2 shared a screenshot showing the message received from the DCI .
‘’Good morning? I am Philip of dci central Nairobi. I am investigating a case of computer misuse and cyber crime act. Kindly avail yourself at DCI central Nairobi for statement recording on Monday 6th June 2020.’’
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To which Zeddy went on to reply through a caption where she asked any lawyer to step in and help her since she did not understand what the DCI message meant.

We hope she can stand her ground and back up her claims .

Photo Credit: Uvumbi