Zari Unleashes New Scandalous War With Diamond

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By  | Jan 09, 2021, 07:07 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

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Zari the boss lady has been busy defending her son from perverts. She has been defending the lad after he came out to say he is gay.

On January 7th he shared a video saying;

“I’m just letting you guys know here first that like hold the brakes  I don’t know why my whole 13 years on this earth I was taught that females are the only way for gents and you know for me personally I don’t see it that way  and me personally I like boys, men you know what I’m saying and that’s how it is. I’m serious. I’m gay hundred percent gay and not you know bi or anything and I don’t know why you guys are laughing at this its not funny.”

With all the fighting with fans, Zari has also unfollowed some people one of them being her ex Diamond Platinumz.

Zari and Diamond don’t follow each other after their very extravagant show of co-parenting a few months back.
When they broke up four year ago, they both unfollowed each other and deleted their pictures but late on after becoming co-parents, they mended their ways. 

It is now a surprise that they no longer follow each other now, just days after Zari’s son came out as gay. Could this be the reason? Did they fight about this issue?

Diamond also unfollowed his children Tiffah and Nillan on Instagram. It is important to note Diamond still follows Tanasha and her son Naseeb junior, but does not follow any other pf his exes or the kids they share. 
It is true, Diamond loves Naseeb and Tanasha, they have been cordial all through their separation and still motivate one another musically.

With Zari’s situation it is un clear as to why they chose to unfollow one another after just a few months of showing love and respect to each other. In 2019 Diamond did a candid interview on Wasafi TV, the singer explained his strained relationship with his baby mama Zari Hassan that affected his relationship with his children. 

“When I break up with someone for me I don’t dwell too much on it because I believe nothing lasts forever. So I accept and move on but it was not the same for my co-parent who portrayed herself differently on social media and behind closed doors,”

It seems Zari is still holding on grudges even after they showed they could co-parent. She is however, dealing with a lot right now with her other son form her previous marriage.

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