Zari Goes Mad Over Diamond's 'Gay' Bestfriend

She never misses her words

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 10:40 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

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Diamond’s best friend Juma Lokole is taking jabs at Zari Hassan again! The entertainer has had a bitter beef with almost all of Diamond’s exes. 
Speaking on Wasafi Radio, Lokole sad Zari is ‘fatter in person than she looks in her photos.”

“Zari unayemuona kwa mitandao ya kijamii, haswa si mnene. Lakini Zari unaemuona kwa macho, ni mnene,"
(Zari on social media has a fair body weight but Zari in person is fat)

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He alluded that this weight might have contributed to Diamond cheating. 

“Unajua mwanamke ushamzoea ana English figure, halafu sasa akawa mnene, unajua hata appetite hupotea,”

The man also rumoured to have joined the Dangote family by virtue of being Esma Platnumz’s (Diamond’s sister) gay best friend enjoys a close personal and working relationship with Diamond.
Zari heard of the insinuations from Juma through her fans. A fan shared with her;
‘Juma anakuchokoza Mama Tee next time ukija usiwe na ukaribu nae,’
Zari responded to the fan, calling Juma a ‘maid and a kiss-ass. 
‘Leave that housegirl alone..njaa mbaya, Asipo lamba tako la boss atakula wapi?’
Zari Hassan is the queen of clap backs. The boss lady has been getting hate after Tanasha and Diamond reunited in Tanzania. 
She responded to the haters saying;
‘Last I checked I broke up with him three years ago…’
Lokole has previously attacked Tanasha claiming Diamond dumped her because she was bad in bed. The beef between Tanasha and Juma never ended, the two never see eye-to-eye. 
Zari has also received hate from the gay-best friend but she always hits back hard at him, leaving fans attacking him as well.
Lokole is a clout chaser according to Zari and Tanasha’s fans. He goes where people want him to go. After Diamond reconciled with Tanasha, he released a statement saying, how much he loves Tanasha and that he has no bad thing to say of her. 
It not yet known just how, he got mixed up with the family. He is in almost all of the Dangote’s events and defends them with all his might.

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