Zari Hassan Preaches Message Of Reconciliation With Baby Daddies

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By  | Jul 14, 2020, 07:48 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

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After the bitter breakup between Zari Hassan and Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz, no one could have ever predicted the pair would get back and live amicably or have a cordial relationship at the worst. However, like the saying goes, nothing is impossible.

The mother of five recently left many assuming that her new Bentley was a gift from her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz. This is after she took to her social media to thank the Bongo flava singer for the top up, a statement that brought nothing but confusion to her followers.

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With the new car, it was evident that Zari had managed to make her way back to the Tandale empire; right after Miss Tanasha Donna walked out leaving behind the Prado her baby Daddy had purchased for her on her birthday.

Gossip tabloids have since been reporting the possibility of the star getting back with Zari given the constant efforts he has been making to be a part of his estranged family again. Thanks to a live session done by mama Tee, turns out that the Bentley was never bought by Diamond Platnumz but herself.
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We are not sure why she went back on her story; yet it was clear to see that the ‘Top Up’ meant the Bentley; mostly since her cars are normally rentals! On her IG live, Zari went on to tell off everyone hating on her to make peace with their baby daddies and probably they would get the same that is if they can afford to.
‘’Asante Baba Tee (Tiffah for the Top Up. Ikikuhusu/to whom it may concern. Mambo ya top imeleta balaa. Top up ni mchango. Sio ati kanilipia zote ama kaninunulia. It’s a contribution/ mchango. Kwani kuna ubaya gani? Mnatokwa makamusi yanin? Luga ndo tatizo, ama akili zenu ndogo. Isiumizwe na maisha ya mtu. We all have 24hours, use them wisely or mend your baby daddy relationships uhongwe at aka vitz,”
Wonder what caused the change of heart, but whatever it is, we hope this relationship can withstand more and keep growing regardless of all the punches life may throw its way.

Photo Credit: The East African Feed
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