Zari Defends Her Daughter From An Online Abuser

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By  | Feb 07, 2021, 07:42 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

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Zari Hasssan has lately been getting a lot of trolling. From her weight, to her single life and now her daughter Tiffah is getting dragged by online trolls.

Zari shared a picture of her and Tiffah and netizens were quick to start judging the mother of five.

In the picture Tiffah is wearing slippers that are a bit too big forr her and one fan was quick to pint it out.

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The fan was stating she doesn’t understand why Tiffah’s shoes are bigger than her legs but Zari seemed to be quite displeased with this comment and decided to clap back which is very rare for the mother of five to do.

Zari savagely responded;

‘sio lazima uelewe maisha ya watu kwa picture moja. Ilo ndotatizo waswahili/wabongo. You always seem to have peoples lives figured out in just one photo. Smh! Maybe she borrowed them from me maybe they belong to the spa she was attending, maybe maybe …. see there is always so many reasons lakini nyinyi tukiwapa picture moja tu you have it all figured out . Smh . Mnachosha mxuiiii’

The boss lady, is becoming more and more irritated with people trying to bash her and her family.

She is a lioness when it comes to defending her babies. When her older son claimed to be gay, Zari went all out defending him. 
Zari maintained that her son was straight and had a girlfriend.

“He has a girlfriend, he is tired of old women who keep texting  and asking him for money, he is tired of it. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone,” 
What we are learning from Zari is she is fierce and won't take any online threats easy.

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