"Ati Love Wins?"

Breakup shakes social media!

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 10:25 AM  | Drama

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Amber Ray was a big deal at the beginning of everything, sure, but she was nothing like who she is now. It all started when she finally divorced her first husband Zaheer. She had been an influencer then but her marriage fell apart and so did her meagre hold on the Instagram fanbase. However, some speculations began on Twitter streets when she was spotted hanging out with someone's husband -Jimal, a father of two and the husband to Amira, a simple woman. After what seemed like months after the rumours began, Amber made news when she came out and revealed that she had married him and was now the second wife t a business mogul, and had actively participated in breaking up what people thought was a good marriage.

This was the point that trouble started. Amber then suddenly went from a kawaida girl from Instgram to the president of the second wives. She suddenly began gaining fame from her second marriage as the second wife, and people were not in on it. She was suddenly trending for being a money-hungry woman, and a picture was leaked showing her participating in what looked like a ritualistic activity. Got labelled Demakuku. Jamal's first wife then got involved and told her to leave other people's husband's alone, albeit from the shadows. She trudged on, not caring what anybody said according to her, they were in love and that was the only thing that mattered.
Amira, who has been quiet for the majority of this time, then decided to get involved because it was looking as if Amber was not backing down, taking her man as her own. She did interviews, she went live, she became the ambassador of positivity.
All this led to the biggest fight that was going to change everything for them.
Just a few weeks ago, after suffering for a long, Amira finally had enough and decided to have a blowout with Amber, expressing that Jamal had disrespected her too many times for her, and she was not going to have that anymore.
Amber ended up having to move out amidst a whole barrage of hate from both the people that knew her physically and online (her video describing the event got more dislikes than likes!) and a large number of people that are not on her team predicted that she was only being used and would be dumped i
Well, it seems like their predictions have come true because it's been said that Jamal has broken up with Amber!
The rumours began yesterday when he deactivate this account after a series of exposures (including one saying he was a wife-beater), and people said that he had left Amber after this too. 
Well, it's Instgram official now! Amber has deleted every single picture that has something to do with Jamal and has refused to speak about it. 
People are saying she's bound t go broke but she has said she has her own business. 
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