Wow! How Kambua Learnt She Was Pregnant With 1st Child

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By  | Oct 30, 2020, 07:16 AM  | Drama

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Though she has spoken dozens of times of how she got pregnant at a time she had completely lost hope, singer Kambua has never really shared how she learned she was carrying her first baby.

The gospel singer who is pregnant again --with twins as word on the street goes-- revealed that at first she was thought she was bloated and couldn't understand why she was always gassy.

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She was staying in a hotel then and thought the food was affecting her.

"I was always sleepy and always bloated," she said in an interview.

She even went ahead and complained to the management about the food never thinking she might be carrying a fetus in her.
Kambua. Photo: Instagram/Kambua

But when she went back home and things were still the same, that's when she started asking questions.

"When I came back home the bloating continued and I wondered kwani chakula yangu pia ina shida? I took a test and it came out positive," she went on.

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"I had a mixture of happiness and fear because I was anxious since being pregnant is one thing and carrying it is another thing. I then decided to keep away from social media for a while as it was a sacred time for me."

Speaking about the kid who just turned one, Kambua said that he's a miracle from God.

"He is such a ball of energy. The child is a constant reminder that God is a generous giver," she said.

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