Willy Paul's Raunchy Video Gets Kenyans Talking

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By  | Aug 06, 2020, 07:24 AM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul popularly known as bwana mkunaji is back at it again, dirty dancing and warning girls to keep off before they get burnt.
It started with his sudden transition from gospel to secular music crowned with his ratchet dances in clubs and sexually explicit music videos.

Pozze became hesitant about admitting he had slipped off until he could no longer hold it back with fans pushing him to clarify on the same.

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Eventually, he did and we moved on.Recently, while keeping indoors, the artist decided to give fans a show of him flawlessly whining his waist, shirtless and short almost falling off. He was dancing along to his recent explicit track Kamati ya roho chafu.

‘’The king has decided to entertain you!! Weka manzi yako mbali.. look at the waist Ina de bedroom!!’’
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The background in his video is what left fans in shock and utterly disappointed with him for faking a flashy lifestyle online while in reality, there is nothing much to brag about.

Some sharp fans noticed the 24-inch TV hanging in the background, and they did not spare him their thoughts which were mainly made up of funny bashing comments at how a celebrity that huge could have such a small TV.

Photo Credit: Souncity TV