Willy Paul Reveals Why Sanaipei Can’t Keep A Man

Singers engage in online war of words

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 09:14 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul and Sanaipei Tande
Willy Paul has given his take on why he thinks women like Sanaipei Tande can’t sustain a relationship with men.

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The singer took to his Instagram to respond to Sanaipei’s remarks about him. Sanaipei had made remarks about the Saldido head honcho during an interview with radio host, Mwalimu Willy Tuva, on Citizen radio, whereby she noted that she refused to do a collaboration with Willy Paul because they serve different audiences.

Willy Paul was clearly peeved by what the singer had said about him as he posted the clip on his page and proceeded to rant about it, expressing his feelings of anger.

The star started off the rant by noting that attitudes such as the one Sanaipei had during the interview on Citizen, towards him, was the reason why women like her run off their husbands.

Willy Paul noted that he was Sanaipei’s fan growing up. He pointed out that he respects the singer’s talent level, and just wanted to make some music with her. He went on to note that he was hurt by Sanaipei’s comments, as he had never disrespected her and her craft before. Willy Paul added that he felt a lot of haterade coming from Sanaipei and just didn’t understand why.  

The singer then took the low road; attacking Sanaipei, and noting that he had worked with some of the best female artists in the world, adding that the songstresses he has worked with are at a higher caliber of celebrity than Sanaipei.  He added that even though the ladies he’s worked with are superstars they’ve never had anything bad to say about him.

Willy Paul noted that some of the stars he has worked with include: Jamaican Dancehall artist, Alaine, Tanzanian Bongo artist, Zuchu and Kenyan Gospel artist, Size 8. He noted that all he wanted from Sanaipei was her voice in his upcoming album, The African Experience, as he believes she is super talented.

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